Yom HaZicharon 5776, Israeli Memorial Day 2016

David, Before you were killed, we, our little family, stood together on our balcony as our nation’s memorial siren sounded.
Since your murder, in a terrorist attack 24 years ago, we, a different we, because our little family didn’t have you, your children and me stood each year, together, in silence, each one alone, accompanied by and accompanying each other, on our balcony facing the Knesset of the State of Israel, as our nation’s memorial siren sounded.
This year for the first time, I am not sure if it is because of the major on-going construction at our condo-building, or simply because it is time, we did not stand where you stood on our balcony. We stood together, on a different balcony, our “boyo” stood in front, I stood behind him, and behind me on Skype our “beauty girl.” We faced East, looking towards the Old City – facing the Western Wall. As the siren began, I panicked, afraid that you would not find us. But then, with the siren ringing in my ears, I closed my eyes and felt you, not next to me, but rather all around us. By the end of the siren, I realized that each year you have stood with us on our balcony, filling the spaces between our children and me.
…across time, I have always known that no matter where we three go, you will always be there with us.
…across time, and space, with my heart, this year I have learned, that no matter where we are, you are always there with us.
…24 years of time and space separate us from your smiling sky-blue eyes, and yet across time, across space, you are here, always here, safe, in our hearts…

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