Jerusalem est Charlie

Jerusalem Scene/Seen: At a distance of no more than 100 yards from the site of the 23 March 2011 terrorist attack near the city’s entrance, Mayor Mr. Barkat has put up two banners one reading “Jerusalem est Charlie” and the other “Jerusalem Embraces the People of France”
Jerusalem est Charlie 2015-01-12 001
Jerusalem est Charlie 2015-01-12 003
Why didn’t Mayor Mr. Barkat put up a banner in memory of the four French-Jews murdered in the terrorist attack at “Hyper Cacher Market” in Porte de Vincennes, Paris? Since these four people will be buried in Jerusalem, I wonder how their familes will feel when they see these banners.
(photos taken by Isa David-Ben-Rafael while stopped at a red light near the Central Bus Station, and owned by IsraeLightly)

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