Overheard at the Western Wall: “We’re all G-d’s Little Children”

The young Israeli-Jewish woman in the cut-off shorts wearing a “Modesty Ladies at the Wall” regulation-issue cape, covering-up her “spaghetti strap” top, asks her friend in Hebrew: “How does this work? What book do I need to read? Is there a special prayer or something? I’m really nervous about this.”
The young Israeli-Jewish woman in the black see-thru blouse and mini skirt: “Well you could do it that way. But I have found that if I just close my eyes, and pretend I am on my mobile phone, and like, just talk, tell G-d everything, He’s like the best listener ever. That works really good. He’s like really understanding because we’re all G-d’s little children. Really we are. Wanna give it a try?”
…and then the young women fell silent…
As for me? My heart rose up in prayerful thanksgiving to G-d because I had just been privileged to overhear the best ever description for prayer. Yes, indeed “we are all G-d’s Little Children.”   
 Two Young Women at the Western Wall

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