Africa Stands With Israel: A Photo Essay

The Western Wall tends to be a solemn and oft-times quiet Holy Place. Yesterday afternoon I witnessed a delightful and joyous exception. I was standing in the women’s section facing the Western Wall when from behind me I heard a harmonious group of female voices singing out a gentle African melody. I do not know what language they were singing in, I could not make out the words. What I do know is that all of us standing there at the Wall rustled gently to the uplifting melody. Human song carried on the wind headed straight into our hearts. I, for one, felt the love those voices carried and shared out with all of us. I wish I could share their song with you, but as I was in the middle of my own Tehillim (Psalm) singing and prayer I could not pull out my camera to record them.
After we all finished praying I spoke with some of the group’s members. They explained to me: “We are a combined Christian Mission Group from Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, (pause, shared laughter), Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ghana, South Africa, South Sudan, Togo and Malawi. Yes, that is everyone (more laughter). We are Christian Africa! Some of us attended university here, some of us are on First Pilgrimage. We have come to walk the Land and to be with you. This way, Israel will know that he does not walk alone. This way, the L-rd is well praised. Blessings from Africa to Israel – and back!”
Given the current situation in The Region and how it is in Europe, it is good, very good indeed, to know that we do not walk alone for “Africa Stands With Israel.” Reaching out and sending “Blessings from Israel to Africa – and back!”
Africa Stands With Israel 1
Africa Stands With Israel 2
Africa Stands With Israel 3
Africa Stands With Israel 4
Africa Stands With Israel 5
Africa Stands With Israel 6
Africa Stands With Israel 7
Africa Stands With Israel 8
Africa Stands With Israel 9
Africa Stands With Israel 10
While I was completing the photo selection for this post the Code Red Siren sounded at 23:44 in Jerusalem. Hamas-Gaza fired a volley of M-75 Rockets at Jerusalem they were neutralized by Israel’s Iron Dome Defense System. As all of us in our building went down to our shelter the sound I carried with me was the gentle song of the African women I met yesterday. It is good to know that “Africa Stands With Israel.” 
All photos for this blog post were taken by Isa David-Ben-Rafael and are owned by IsraeLightly. 

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