Eventually These Trees Will Fall…

Last December’s snow storm damaged or partially felled many trees in Jerusalem. Those on municipal property have been cut back or removed but many on private property have been neglected.  Every morning as I look out of my bedroom window, two huge trees come into view.  They are not on our condo’s property and so our condo association, busy as it is with working on getting approval for TAMA 38 earthquake-resistant building, isn’t concerned.  The condo association next door, who, judging from the angle of the trees, will suffer the most damage doesn’t seem concerned either.  And, from past conversations with some of the condo owners in the building on whose land the trees stand, it is clear that they have chosen to ignore the situation entirely. 
 trees 2014-02-28 001
But eventually these trees will fall. If we are lucky, there will be only moderate damage.  If we are less lucky, we will be inconvenienced with the loss of electrical service because the trees are leaning against an electric company pole – which according to past conversations with the electric company is a non-essential pole with non-essential electrical wires hanging from it. If we are completely unlucky, then the falling tree will hit the gas canisters directly under it, and, depending upon whether or not anyone is home at the time to smell it, a gas leak could lead to a very unpleasant situation.  
trees down 2014-02-03 001
When the trees fall, because they will eventually fall, everyone, myself included, will remind the municipality, the electric company, the gas company and the neighbors on whose property the trees stand that we called and inquired about the partially felled trees…everyone will shrug their shoulders and say “A pity we didn’t take care of this in time.” 
I do wonder: What does it say about us as average Jerusalemites when we are more concerned with the future threat of an earthquake than bothering to be mindful about the present threat of partially fallen trees? 
Photos for this blog post are by Isa David-Ben-Rafael and are owned by IsraeLightly

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