Discovered: My Car Is Filled With Holy Dust!

As me boyo gave me back the car keys he commented: “Ima (Mom), thanks for leaving me the car. It’s a bit dusty, so sorry for this. I didn’t have time to wash it, I’ll take care of it later.”
I smiled and replied: “No worries its cold we can take care of it when it warms up a bit.”
Looking at the outside of the car I noted: “yes, dusty but within parameters”. As I got in I was quite literally blown away by the dust bowl the car generously and graciously coughed up all over me. Between sneezes, I called me boyo on the phone: Calmly, gently, lovely, quietly I asked: “Son, I’m in the car, how did this happen?”
Answer: “Ima, while you were away I used the car to get to work, and well, I am a bit dusty at the end of the day and it collected inside the car! So sorry, I will clean it up.”
“Yes, please do, and very soon. Ok?”
“No problem, Ima,” came the reply.
As I dusted off the steering wheel, I started laughing: “Yes indeed, me boyo inherited his father’s straightforward sense of understatement.”
Did I mention that me boyo is working as a digger and sifter at the City of David Archaeological dig just below the Old City of Jerusalem? Why just yesterday me boyo shared that they found another late Roman, early Byzantine coin! No real reason for me to be upset because the dust in my car isn’t just any ordinary dust — to be exact it is “Old City of Jerusalem – City of David over 2000 year old dust” which I have received as a free gift offering from my beautiful son!
Do you suppose I can sell my old car for a “tidy sum” on e-bay? How’s this for an advert: “For sale: 11 year old car, low mileage, excellent working condition, interior COMPLETELY coated in seriously thick layers of shifting, sparkling, ancient and very holy City of David dust.”
Yes, yes, I am doubly blessed — Not only am I driving in “Jerusalem-ah”, I am driving along completely covered in a cloud of very holy dust! Tis very good to be back home, very good indeed!

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