Giveret Im Salim – Lady with Baskets

“The Good Neighbor Association” together with the Israeli “Hillel – Jewish Life on University Campuses” Organization co-ordinate the “Giveret Im Salim” (Lady with Baskets) Project at Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda Shuk – Open Air Fresh Produce Market.  The project which began two years ago is now a regular feature of the Thursday afternoon market scene. Thursday afternoons, between 4 and 6 (1600 and 1800 hours), were chosen because that is when large numbers of seniors go to the market ahead of Shabbat (the weekend). Volunteers wearing bright yellow shirts or vests walk about the market, and at any time they are asked, assist seniors (and anyone else who needs) by “shlepping” (carrying) their purchases to nearby homes, buses or cars.   
Giveret Im Salim Project   
The price?  The service with a smile is 100% free! Well, project organizers do have one request, while the young folk are shlepping, the older folk are meant to share a nice story from their lives with them.  What a lovely Jerusalem twist on the by now traditional “Pay it Forward” theme!
For more information about The Good Neighbor Association and this project please visit their Home page
Photo for this blog post is by Isa David-Ben-Rafael and is owned by IsraeLightly.

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