Kaveret: Beehive in Jerusalem’s Sultan Pool!

Last night “Kaveret” (Hebrew: Beehive) held the last of its three reunion concerts here in Jerusalem’s Merrill Hassenfeld Amphitheater in the Sultan’s Pool. 
Kaveret 2013
The concert opened with “Lamrot HaKol” (“Despite it all…”) we let the band sing the poignant opening line: “We had all kinds of problems.  We didn’t think we’d make it…” and then Jay, I, and 7,998 other voices joined in the refrain: “Despite it all, we’ve arrived!” (“B’hole zot heganu lamb-rot hakol!”)
Kaveret 2013 opener
“Kaveret” (known abroad as “Poogy”) is 1970’s Israel musical nostalgia. The seven-member band was formed in 1973 after several of the group had completed their Israel Defense Forces service together.  The members are: Danny Sanderson, Gidi Gov, Yitzhak “Churchill” Klepter, Alon Oleartchik, Efraim Shamir, Meir “Poogy” Fenigstein and Yoni Rechter.  They broke up by consensus in 1976 and since then have played together in different formats.  Over the years Keveret has held four other reunion tours. This one will probably be their last, as several of the members have made comments along the lines of: “We are in our sixties, we don’t want to wait until we are all sitting in wheelchairs better to come out here now and have fun together while we can!”
The years have definitely had their say, but Kaveret remains a spirited group of excellent musicians sharing an abundance of good cheer, excellent harmonies, Israeli surrealism tinged by the occasional bit of black humor and just plain old joyous “we are alive” laughter all brightly lit by last night’s super full moon over Jerusalem.  Keveret is a 100% Israeli home grown rock band but it has clear musical family-ties to both the Beatles and the Beach Boys. They play and sing to the beat of our modern day Israeli history and surely we’d all be happy if they took us back to “a kinder, gentler more simple time” every night.  But we their original fans, our children and grandchildren are exceedingly happy to share in this rockin’ reunion.  Especially since they sang ALL of the old favorites and we their fans sang right along with them. At times it felt more like a late 80’s early 90’s karaoke bar party than a concert! We just could not help but sing along with them!     
Kaveret 2013 Sanderson image
All good things, even Kaveret reunion concerts come to an end. They closed with “Nechmad” (“Nice”) with its gently soothing lullaby melody.
Kaveret 2013 4
Right then, we, their ever loving fans, knew that the encore would be loud enough to stir up the beehive for a long while to come – up, up on our feet, with super moon beams lighting our way we sang out “Yo-Ya!” Indeed, Nechmad’s last line says it best “It’s better to end together, with everyone!” but “Yo-Ya!” is what we prefer to answer. 
Kaveret 2013 PoKavor HaKelev
all stills photographs for this blog post are by Isa David-Ben-Rafael and are owned by IsraeLightly 

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