Israeli Moving Day Micro-Economics

Recently my daughter moved to a new place.  Naturally, I, her Jewish mother, became actively involved in assisting her with cleaning and setting up her new flat.  The two of us arrived at her new apartment equipped with all manner of cleaning tools and products as well as with an excellent music sound track for cleaning that she had uploaded onto her Smart phone. 
Before arriving my daughter warned me that the previous tenant, a young Israeli male, “had left a few beer and wine bottles behind.  You can either return them at the supermarket or we can just toss them,” she said. 
Once we got to the apartment, I took it upon myself to clean the balcony and clear out the bottles.  It turned out that “a few beer and wine bottles” were actually 173 beer bottles each with a return deposit of NIS 1.20 (about USA 35 cents each) and 27 wine and cola bottles with a return deposit of NIS 0.30 (about USA 8 cents each).  At the end of our cleaning adventure we loaded all of the bottles into my car and I returned them at my local supermarket. 
Israeli Goldstar beer bottle

Israeli Goldstar beer bottle

“Curr-ching! Curr-ching! Money, Money, Money!” At the supermarket I received a store credit of NIS 216.70 (about $61.00).  I used the money to purchase groceries and gave myself a personal cash credit, which I used to buy my daughter a micro-wave oven which cost NIS 330 (just under $100.00) but works out to actually costing me only NIS 114 (about $35.00).
All of which proves two points:
a. One young Israeli male’s trash is a Jewish mother’s gold; and
b. turning 200 returnable bottles into a microwave is not a magical slight of hand: it is Israeli moving day micro-economics!
modern microwave

modern microwave

photos courtesy of Wiki-Commons

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