Israel Electric Company at Work!

Last Wednesday in advance of today’s “temporary organized power stoppage” Israel Electric Company warning signs sprouted up like mushrooms after a rainstorm in a forest attaching themselves to the walls and mailboxes of buildings throughout our neighborhood.
Israel Electric Company Sign1
Israel Electric Company Sign2
Electricity went out in our neighborhood at 9:05, shortly afterwards I heard work trucks, one with a power lift, backing into our building’s driveway.  This was accompanied by LOUD conversation in Arabic and Hebrew between the three electric company workers.  Israel Electric Company is an equal opportunity employer, typically work teams are made up of Jewish, Moslem and Christian employees, therefore it is not uncommon for them to LOUDLY banter in both languages as they carry out their work.    
Israel Electric Company1
Israel Electric Company2
As one of the workers rode up to the wires outside of our building he noticed me taking photographs.  
Israel Electric Company3
I called out to him saying “Shalom, Shevua tov l’avodah tova! (“Peace! A good week for good work to you!”)
He chose to relate to my greeting as if it were a blessing, responding to it with a hearty: “Amen! Shevua Tov gam lach!” (“Amen, a good week to you too!”)
After that he and the other team members carried on with their work. 
Israel Electric Company4
Israel Electric Company5
Israel Electric Company 6
Israel Electric Company7
Israel Electric Company8
Israel Electric Company9
They were done just before 13:00 (1 p.m.), two and half hours ahead of schedule!  As they were finishing one of them called out in Hebrew: “Hey, photographer lady up on the 3rd floor, we’re done here, electricity will be on in 5 minutes.  Have a good week!” 
To which I responded with my own hearty “Amen!”, causing all three of them to burst out laughing as they loaded up their trucks and drove away.  
All photographs are by Isa David-Ben-Rafael and are owned by IsraeLightly.        

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