Trumping Israeli Postal Bureaucracy

Recently my son received a notification that he had a registered letter waiting for him at the local branch of the Israeli Post Office.  Knowing that the Israeli Postal Service is notorious for its strict regulations regarding the delivery of registered mail, I took my Israeli identity card, my son’s Israeli identity card and the notification to the Post Office.  I also took a book to read because our particular Post Office branch suffers from very long lines and very slow service. 
I was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn’t have much reading time because after a short wait it was my turn.  I went up to the window and handed the notification to the Postal Clerk.  Before I could say anything she read the notification and said: “You can’t collect this, it isn’t addressed to you.”
I smiled, handed her the two identity cards and explained: “This combination proves that I am the recipient’s mother.  My son is OUR soldier, he’s on his base and won’t be home for a long time.  Would you please hold his letter until his next furlough when he’ll be able to collect the letter himself?”
Without skipping a beat the Postal Clerk responded: “Why didn’t you say he’s a soldier?  I’ll make a note of that, record both identity card numbers and you sign off on it. Here’s your son’s letter. And may G-d protect all of our soldiers!”
Wow! I’m just lovin’ it – we two Israeli mothers came together to prove that Israeli Postal Bureaucracy CAN BE trumped by maternal wisdom and good will! 

Israeli Postal Authority logo copied from Wikipedia Commons.

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