Across Time…

Across Time…
Today is 25th January 2013 which corresponds to Yod Daled Be’Shevat.
Today is the anniversary of the birthday of my beloved partner’s late wife.
Jay’s Genia (Eugenia) would have been 60 today but her life was cut short when she was killed in a terrorist attack in Jerusalem on 11 June 2003.
Across Time…
Tomorrow is Tu’Be’Shevat which corresponds to 26th January 2013.
Tomorrow would have been my 25th Wedding Anniversary.
David, my late husband, would have been here to celebrate it with me but his life was cut short when he was killed in a terrorist attack in Buenos Aires on 17 March 1992.
Across Time…
This is the first time in the six years that Jay and I have been together that important dates related to our lives with our first spouses have so very closely matched. Truly a unique synchronicity…really a beautiful gift from G-d.
Across Time…
In our (Jay’s and mine) relationship, Jay’s Genia and my David, are Uzpizin (honored guests) whose memory is a welcome addition within our relationship.
Across Time…
In honor of the anniversary of Genia’s birthday today our home resounded with the music of Diana Ross and the Supremes…particularly “Stop in the Name of Love” which was Genia’s favorite Friday afternoon cleaning the house music!
Across Time…
Tomorrow night in honor of my wedding anniversary our home will resound with music from “Les Miserables”…particularly “I Dreamed a Dream” which was amongst David’s favorite songs.
Across Time…
When Jay and I travel our Land (Israel) sometimes I find Genia’s favorite flower for him.
Not so long ago I found a Bird of Paradise plant blooming in the garden next to the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron.
Across Time...Birds of Paradise
Across Time…
When Jay and I travel our Land (Israel) sometimes he finds David’s favorite flower for me.
Not so long ago he found a Wool Flower blooming in a garden next to a home in Peki’in, Israel.
Across Time...Wool Flower
Across Time…
Earlier this week I found four birds at the Western Wall, it was as if G-d Himself through the Shechina wished to comfort us. Two of the birds were in the bright present day sunshine and two others were above them hiding in the present day shadows. 
Across Time...Birds at the Western Wall
T’was as if the Shechina were confirming: “Genia is ever present in Jay’s heart and David is ever present in yours.”
Across Time…
All photographs for this blog post are by Isa David-Ben-Rafael and are owned by IsraeLightly

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