Jerusalem SnowMen!

Snow in Jerusalem…these photographs show that despite the fact that we get serious snow only once every ten years we Jerusalemites know how to make snowmen and play in the snow!
The first snowman we found was Darth Vader
Jerusalem SnowMen1 
And this photo confirms that Darth is definitely in Jerusalem
Jerusalem SnowMen2
Here’s a snow swan
Jerusalem SnowMen3
But the snow swan was lonely so we added a little girl in a white dress and stopped for a chat. 
Jerusalem SnowMen4
A liberated snow ghost sitting on a stone in Gan Sacher (Sacher Park)
Jerusalem SnowMen5
A snow ghost sneaking out of his grave in the cemetery in Gan Sacher 
Jerusalem SnowMen10
We created this snow king
Jerusalem SnowMen6
This snowman had many friends and was supervising the improvised sledding 
Jerusalem SnowMen7
Meantime this snow-frog just hung out opened mouthed wondering when it would be summertime again
Jerusalem SnowMen8
And a Lion of Jerusalem bravely tried to clear away the snow from his bench
Jerusalem SnowMen9
As this Lion of Jerusalem successfully completed his task!   
Jerusalem SnowMen11
This snowman perched on some bushes seemed to be offering free-range hugs!
Jerusalem SnowMen12
While this snowman cheerfully stood guard over the olive trees in the park
 Jerusalem SnowMen13
and then it was the afternoon and the snow began to melt
Jerusalem SnowMen14
…and yet this snowman did his best to keep from melting!
Jerusalem SnowMen15
All photographs for this blog post are by Isa David-Ben-Rafael and are owned by IsraeLightly

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