As I See It: In Jerusalem Chabad’s Hanukkiot are STILL on display…

Here in Jerusalem, Chabad-Lubavitch put out beautiful Hanukkiot for communal Hanukkah candle lighting in neighborhoods throughout Jerusalem. Thing is, they haven’t gotten a’RoundToIt and so it is that two weeks after Hanukkah their Hanukkiot are STILL on display here and there around town.
As I see it, Chabad-Lubavitch is subtly teaching us a series of very important lessons. First of all Chabad-Lubavitch is teaching us that doing a mitzvah in a timely fashion is important, since a mitzvah is a good deed, after you finish it is ok to leave evidence of your good deed out for a while. This allows others to enjoy the afterglow of the holiday mitzvah and also teaches that it is acceptable to procrastinate a bit when it comes to cleaning up.
Secondly, we learn that carriers of light should be flexible and light weight and when necessary they should be grounded by a heavy stone to assist in keeping the light in place. 
Chabad Hanukkiah in Jerusalem
 Finally, we learn to look at the shadows to see the light.  
Chabad Hanukkiah2 in Jerusalem
Since the shadows of the the traffic light and the street light are pointing right at the hanukkiah, once the hanukkiah is finally collected by Chabad each time that I walk past this corner I will remember that the hanukkiah, source of light, was right there and throughout the whole year I will have the midmorning shadows of the traffic light and the street light as reminders of the special meaning of Hanukkah.
All that said, now Chabad-Lubavitch Jerusalem, I’ve got a gift for you here’s A’RoundToIt to assist in the collection of those beautiful hanukkiot you put out.   
All photographs for this blog post are by Isa David-Ben-Rafael and are owned by IsraeLightly.

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