The Story of Our Family’s Hanukkiah

Our family Hanukkiah originally belonged to Mordechai and Chana, my children’s paternal great-grandparents.  They purchased it sometime during the late 1940’s or early 1950’s in Massachusetts.  During the mid-1950’s they loaned their Hanukkiah to my parents-in-law for them to use while they were living in Israel.  My parents-in-law lived in Israel so that my father-in-law could work as one of the assistants to Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion.  When my parents-in-law returned to the United States the Hanukkiah went back to Mordechai and Chana’s home.  It remained in their home until the 1960’s when David received it as a gift of memory after his grandparents death.
When David “came on Aliyah” (immigrated) to Israel in the mid-1970’s he brought the Hanukkiah with him.  David was a diplomat and so the family Hanukkiah traveled with him to his postings in London and Chicago.  After David and I were married the Hanukkiah traveled with us back to Israel and then to Buenos Aires where David lit it for the last time during the eight days of Hanukkah in 1991.  Since 1992 our Hanukkiah has been lit for Hanukkah by my children in our home in Jerusalem.
Our family Hanukkiah is a simple chrome model decorated by two lions of Judah supporting the tablets of the Ten Commandments which rest on a Star of David.  It isn’t a very expensive Hanukkiah but it is the most valuable item in our home. Its priceless value rests in the fact that it has been faithfully used by four generations of our family to bring the light of the Hanukkah miracle into our home.  It is a singular reminder of our Jewish continuity and our connection to our nation Israel.  
Our Hanukkiah
The photograph for this blog post is by Isa David-Ben-Rafael and are owned by IsraeLightly
Fedilitas Supra Omnia! (Loyalty Above All!)  With very special thanks to my cousin Wyndi, who posted a photo (on Facebook) of her maternal grandfather’s Hanukkiah which bears a strong resemble to our family’s Hanukkiah.  Wyndi’s photograph was the catalyst which assisted me in finding “my creative spark” to tell the story of my family’s Hanukkiah! Thanks Cuz!!

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