Beautiful Co-Existence at the Malha Mall

Jerusalem’s Malha Mall, opened in 1993, with its 260 stores on three levels is the city’s largest indoor shopping mall. The mall is one of the city’s great mixers bringing together shoppers from all socio-economic, ethnic and religious backgrounds living in or visiting the city. “Beauty Care – Directly from the Manufacturer to the Consumer” is especially beloved by female shoppers. This store provides a wide range and variety of cosmetics, hair care products, beauty products and skin health care aids. When it comes to beauty care there is no cultural or linguistic barrier. The store’s clientele and employees clearly enjoy the atmosphere, lively chatter in Arabic, Hebrew, English and a host of other languages is heard on a daily basis. Occasionally there is a very serious conversation about the value of a particular product which requires a complex track of translation. At Beauty Care it is quite ordinary for a question to be asked in Hebrew translated into Arabic or English and then have the answer go back along the same multi-lingual line. If  while shopping we can happily help out one another with an important beauty tip then hopefully we are one step closer to learning how to live together!       
All photographs for this post by Isa David-Ben-Rafael, copyright owned by IsraeLightly

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