Jerusalem Syndrome “Gangnam Style”

DaVinciHafakot together with The Hebrew University Student Union and “Ruach Hadasah (New Spirit) Young People Make Jerusalem” have joined the “Gangnam Style” with their video “Jerusalem Syndrome ‘Gangnam Style’”.  Originally released on 17 October 2012 to mark the beginning of the Israeli academic year, the video with over 110,000 views is currently enjoying a redux, post Operation Defensive Column, release.
The reference to “Jerusalem Syndrome” is a playful nod to the religiously themed delusions that affect some visitors to the City of Jerusalem.  Since “Jerusalem Syndrome” is sometimes considered a form of hysteria that can potentially affect any visitor to the city it fits in well with the world wide “Gangnam Style” craze.  
The clip featuring dancers Josef Condiotti, Chen Perez and a host of others, takes the viewer on whirlwind “Gangnam Style” tour of Jerusalem.  Scenes included in the video are: Israel’s Road One – Gateway into Jerusalem, The Western Wall, the Old City, Maheneh Yehuda open air produce market, a stop at a blood drive, Zion Square, a ride on the light rail, the Hebrew University campus, the Jerusalem Municipal Plaza, the Safra Square Parking Lot – site of contention between Jerusalem’s Ultra-Orthodox Sabbath Observant and the city’s secular community and even includes the outrageous elevator scene! The video closes with a cameo appearance by Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat.
Want to join in the fun? Just press play to view “Jerusalem Syndrome ‘Gangnam Style’” 

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