Shalom! Please Do Not Disturb (Day 2: Israel-Hamas Cease Fire)

On the first day of the Israel-Hamas Cease Fire (Thursday, 22 November 2012):
Schools in Southern Israel remained closed,
The Israel Defense Forces hadn’t issued the order disbanding reserve army units,
Hamas fired 14 rockets into Israel, 
What part of CEASE FIRES STARTS AT 2100 HOURS (9 P.M.) ON 21 NOVEMBER 2012 didn’t Hamas understand?
Israel did NOT respond,
More of the 29 people injured in the terrorist bombing of bus line 142 in Tel Aviv were released from Hospital,
Civilians who had left their homes in Southern Israel began returning home,
I decided to keep the four pre-written emergency text messages addressed to my daughter in Tel Aviv at “rapid send” setting for one more day:
1. “TLV Red Alert sounded. Where r u?”
2. “Call not going thru. Where r u?”
3. “How doin? Drink water! G-d Bless u.”
4. “Iron Dome neutralized the rocket.”
I also decided to keep our “Run for Shelter – Grab Bag” next to the door.
My daughter’s Facebook status requested: “Please post statuses that have absolutely nothing do do with ‘all that has happened this past week’.
I posted the following:
“This status fulfills my daughter’s request it has absolutely nothing to do with “all that happened this past week” (Warning: Tis a bit raw, if you are a ‘fuddy duddy’ easily offended by partial nudity then: Please don’t be lookin at this”)  
I remembered that it was Thanksgiving in the United States…in keeping with a Thanksgiving tradition born in 1977, I listened to “Alice’s Restaurant”. Then I wrote to my best friend of 35 years, that yes, I listened to “Alice” and we are still having a good time playing with the pencils on the Group W Bench!! 
And before going to sleep I remembered the Israeli 1980’s song “Toda” (“Thank You”). The song addressed to G-d includes the lines:
“Thank You for all You have created…
Thank You for giving us a forgiving heart,
Thank You for the sad days that have disappeared” 
On the second day of the Israel Hamas Cease-Fire:
I woke up to the sound of booming claps of thunder, in my still asleep wakefulness confusion, I sat up in bed quickly slipping my feet into my shoes, wondering why the Air-Raid Siren hadn’t sounded…with the next clap of thunder, I realized it’s cleansing rain, it’s only thunder. I thought if I reacted this way, how are the children in Southern Israel and Gaza reacting?
As I turned on the bedroom light I looked towards the chimes on the wall and noticed what peeks out from underneath…facing this first weekend after the declaration of the cease fire between Israel and Hamas, I’m hoping that we are all focused on not disturbing the peace!
Music mentioned in this post:
The Prophet – Ordinary Life
Alice’s Restaurant
Photo by Isa David-Ben-Rafael owned by IsraeLightly     

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