Day 8: Operation Pillar of Defense: And Then My Friend’s Phone Rang…

….and as she answered she said: “It’s my husband” into the phone she said: “I understand”.  Then she calmly, gently whispered to me: “There was a terrorist attack in Tel Aviv.” My heart didn’t skip a beat, automatically I clicked into reciting the Psalm I had just seen at the Western Wall Tehillim Mem (Psalm 40), and then I was already on my own phone calling my daughter. Fortunately this time I got through before the cellular lines collapsed from overload. My daughter absentmindedly answer: “Yes, Ima.” I quietly asked: “What are you doing?” Her answer: “Working what do you think I am doing?”
…and then I shared with her that there had been a terrorist attack on a bus in Tel Aviv. I heard her exhale and then:
“Ima, Enough! Now in addition to playing “missile hide and go seek” … for the ‘ga-jillionth’ time we have to start playing “bus-bombing tag”. This brings back memories from when I was in Middle School, the Second Intifada in Jerusalem…it is just so much fun to live in the Holy Land! Dear G-d, I think we have suffered enough! Please make it stop. Ima, how do I get home from work tonight?”
…and exhausted, I answered “Sweetheart, this is starting to feel a bit too close, you think about it, may-be you will take a cab home tonight. No worries, the cab is my treat!”
…and then I turned to face the Western Wall and together with my daughter on the phone we said a “mishaberach” (special blessing) for healing of the injured, asked G-d that please there shouldn’t be any dead, and then recited Psalm 27.
…and then my daughter said, “I have to make some calls….”
…and knowing that she needed to check on her friends, I rang off.
…walking towards Zion Gate, I tried to remember that G-d is Love and that we are all are His Beloved Creation.   

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