Yerushalyim, Tzeva Adom! Jerusalem, Air Raid Alert! Same Stairwell, Different Day

Today, 20 November 2012, at 1415 hours (2:15 p.m.) the Jerusalem Air Raid Alert went off again. Yes, just like that, in the middle of a beautiful, sunny Tuesday afternoon, just before UN Chief Ban Ki-Moon’s arrival in Jerusalem. This time we were better prepared. Our neighbor, brought his paramedic bag with him. Jay and I grabbed our air raid bag. On the way down I knocked on the door of the apartment undergoing a major remodeling and when the astonished Arab construction worker opened the door…I was shocked to see all of the construction workers Jews and Arabs alike literally hanging off the balcony looking up into the sky.
With 45 seconds left, I yelled in Hebrew “I am the mother here, get down from there now! Get into this stairwell before I come in there and get you!” And Lo! G-d bless the mothers of each one of those construction workers they lined right up and came out the door just as fast as if I had really been their mother…two of them even apologized for their behavior. Well, nothing to be done about it, they are just kids in their mid-20s.
Our neighbor the paramedic, decided we had enough time to get to the building’s storage room (formerly our shelter) and so we continued down in orderly fashion collecting a woman who had abandoned her car in our driveway. Sensitive to the fact that we were a mixed group I quietly said in Hebrew: “Now each man prays according to his belief to HaShem* or Allah* for safety for all of us.”
…and just as I finished saying that we all heard the big boom…With the rocket down (it landed in a field outside of Jerusalem, no injuries) we all carried on with our Tuesday work day activities…as I entered my apartment the radio announcer was reporting on Mr. Ban Ki-Moon’s arrival in Jerusalem.
Dear G-d in Heaven, Please give the negotiators on both sides wisdom to find a way out of this situation and into a ceasefire. Thank you, Amen.
*HaShem is one of the names of G-d in Hebrew
*Allah is one of the names of G-d in Arabic

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