Clearly, The Wall Has Ears

On the men’s side of HaKotel HaMa’aravi (The Western Wall) there is a Hebrew language sign which reads: “Holy Site, Please turn off your cellular phone upon entry”.

I have not found a similar sign, neither in Hebrew nor in English, on the women’s side.

Recently, as I waited my turn to get up close enough to the Kotel in order to insert my prayer notes, I heard the quiet buzzing vibration of a cellular phone in ‘silent mode’.  A woman quietly answered in Hebrew, saying: “No, you aren’t bothering me.  Yes, I am at the Kotel.  I have already finished my Mincha (afternoon prayers) and am starting on Tehillim (Psalms).  Ok, I’ll put you on.”
After about five minutes the woman put the phone back to her ear and asked: “Sorry to bother you, are you finished?  No, not yet?  Ok, I’ll put you back on then.”
Suddenly, I remembered that in the Talmud it says “L’kotel oznaim” (“The wall has ears”).  But surely the Talmud did not intend to include the Western Wall as it was not a venerated site during Talmudic times.  Still remembering the quote I decided to take this photograph because I agree with the two women, clearly the Western Wall has the kindest of all Ears!


All photographs for this post by Isa David-Ben-Rafael, copyright owned by IsraeLightly

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