La Internationale!

This morning, here in our home, Jay was reading the newspaper and I was writing.  The radio was on and without introduction the opening strains of a song came on.  I automatically put down my pen and stood up at full attention. Jay looked up at me with a question in his eyes.  I responded, “It’s ‘La Internationale’ stand up!”

The song on the radio was the Hebrew language version and I do not know its Hebrew words but I do know its melody.  Below is the Spanish language version that I know from my childhood, learned from my mother, Carmen.  I am my mother’s child, a rare native-born American, I am blessed with the ability to recognize the opening strains of “La Internationale”.

I treat “La Internationale”, with the same respect I give to the national anthems of  Israel, the United States, and Puerto Rico – no matter where I am, or what I am doing, I stop, stand at attention and honor it!

Today, Socialism is not very fashionable.   I do believe it is not fashionable because we have all lost sight of its fundamental virtue.  For me its fundamental virtue is that it teaches us to respect our fellow man no matter what his or her station in life is.  I thank my mom who raised me with a clear vision of what fairness to our fellow man is all about!

Happy 1st of May, Happy Workers Holiday, to all!

Here is the version I learned from my mother “La Internacional Socialista”

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