Summer Vacation Good Deed For Haaretz Subscribers!

Prior to our vacation my partner called Haaretz newspaper customer service in order to freeze delivery of our daily subscription until our return.  The HaAretz customer service representative inquired if we were going on a local vacation in which case the newspaper delivery service could be rerouted to our hotel or “zimmer” (bed & breakfast) at no additional charge.  When my partner explained that we were going abroad the customer service rep asked us if we wanted to freeze the  subscription or if we wanted to donate our reading days to another reader?  She then explained that on a daily basis Haaretz newspaper donates a limited number of print copies to:
1. Beit Levenstein Ra’anana Hospital Rehabilitation Center
2. Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (locally referred to as Ichilov Hospital)
3. Nahariya Hospital for the Western Galilee
4. Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera
5. Reuth Medical Center Tel Aviv
6. Military Bases throughout the country for distribution to non-commissioned officers and regular soldiers
And that recently in an effort to give its subscribers a share in this “mitzvah” (good deed) Haaretz had decided to offer its subscribers the option of either freezing their subscription or of choosing a location from the above list for their newspaper to be delivered to while they are away.  Haaretz promises to increase the number of papers delivered to each center depending upon the decision made by its vacationing subscribers.  Since our vacation came close to coinciding with the fifth anniversary of the beginning of the Second Lebanon War we choose to have our newspaper sent to Beit Levenstein Rehabilitation Center, as part of its mandate is to care for disabled soldiers.  We do hope that the disabled soldiers there enjoyed reading the newspaper while we were away!
For more information about the Haaretz newspaper please visit the following sites:   (English on-line site)   (Hebrew on-line site)  (for background information)

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