Jerusalem’s Signs

Once we realize that indecision about our work direction is lacking direction,

lacking direction


placing the City of David, (that is Jerusalem), in “Danger of Falling!” and leaving us all with “No Passage!” out, then

we can yield, go on a walk, begin to say

Hello Jerusalem!

Hello “Jerusalem of Gold”, you are the place that is kind enough

to warn us (in three different languages) “Caution! Danger Wall” and also

bid us to consider “The Mystery of Lost Time.”  Then

you encourage us to dance over to your “Gates of Jerusalem” and without

slowing us down we climb over “bumpers” and other walls already minding the warnings:

“Beware! Of Falling Rocks”

“Beware of Camels Near the Road” and

“Caution Side Winds.”  You allow us to

stop for a blessing against the evil eye and invite us to be

like the first Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Ben-Gurion; to

stand on our heads until we realize that

“Education Breaks Down Walls.” In fact you encourage us to

go “Off the Wall…” and ignore

the no entry sign and just “Return Now” by remembering that

“G-d Loves All of Us” (no exceptions) that we are

His “Modern Art” who along with Him

enjoy the privilege of creation and that in order to

“Co-exist” we should strive to smile because

“One Smile a Day Brings Peace”.

Then you call upon us to “Sing Love” and with

the Menorah remind us “Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit” (Zehariah 4:6). So that

“Yes. We Can!” follow the bus and

light up the sky and

the Jerusalem passage to

a window of peace and say

“The Time Has Arrived to Choose: ‘Yes! to the Peace Treaty'” so

Peace Treaty


that “Happy Happens Here” and then we’ll be sure that

the Holy of Holies isn’t just for employees as we

arrive at the dawn of a beautiful new day over Jerusalem!

(All photographs for this blog post are original works by Isa David-Ben-Rafael and are owned by IsraeLightly)

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