Israelightly: First Post

According to the Hebrew calendar, today is my Israeli born daughter’s 22nd birthday.  The family tradition we keep is that on your birthday you receive gifts and you give gifts too!

As part of celebrating her Yom Huledet (Hebrew Birthday) and my entry into “Ima-hood” (Motherhood)  on a sunny Yod Alef B’Kislev afternoon back in 5749 the gift I asked my daughter to give me was her help in choosing a name for my blog.

I wrote down the three possible names for my blog on identical small pieces of paper, folded them up, shuffled them in a bag, tossed them on the kitchen counter and asked my daughter to please let G-d use her hand to choose the name of my blog.  And through my first born child’s hand G-d gave me the name “IsraeLightly”!

Now, that I’ve spent most of the day figuring out the technical side of opening my blog, I pray that G-d will let some really good writing flow through my own hands onto the page.


6 responses to “Israelightly: First Post

  1. Hey Is,
    Congratulation! Great start. I, for one, now definitely want to visit the Mamilla complex after seeing you blog and pix!.
    Good luck and all best for you and the family in 2011.

    • Ruth, Mamilla complex is always changing they have many new things there … so next time you visit let’s do go there together! Happy 2011 to you and yours too!

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